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Soap bar

Soap bar made of goose fat. Neutral fragrance. Net weight 100gr. 100% natural, 100% preservatives free.

Soap bar made of goose fat, neutral fragrance.

Goose fat has a strong moisturizing and emollient effect: it is natural and hypoallergenic and keeps the skin soft and supple and protects it from environmental aggression and wind stress, sun and cold.

Indications: product made of pure goose fat and plant extracts, with no preservatives or parabens, suitable for any kind of skin, especially those sensitive, reddened and dehydrated.

Mode of employ: apply a small amount of soap directly on the skin, massage vigorously and rinse. No contraindication for frequent use is reported.


Ingredienti: prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, cocos nucifera oil, Olea europaea oil, sodium hydroxyde, water, Tritticum vulgare flour, goose fat, parfum.

Produced by Fitopreparazione Hierba Buena


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