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Grasso d'oca

Grasso puro d'oca fuso e filtrato pronto per l'uso. Formato da 200 gr

Goose Liver Patè 100gr

Available in the glass jar of 100gr

Pure goose salami

42 euro /kg - minimum weight 250gr

Store at: + 4° C. Observations: made of 100% fresh Goose meat, hand tied and naturally aged.

Sliced Goose Cooked Breast

49 euro /kg - 1 piece of 70g

Store at: +4° C.

Goose Smoked Breast

45 euro /kg - whole piece of 800gr, half piece vacuum packed 400gr Store at: +4° C.

Maxi Gift Box

Gift box with assorted goose products

Duck minced meat

Selected and minced duck meat

Duck meat for dogs and cats

Selected and minced duck meat

Goose cooked ham

45 euro /kg - piece of 350gr or whole 700gr

Store at: +4° C.

Goose Ham

45 euro /kg - 1 whole piece of 800gr or half piece 400gr Store at: +4° C.

Mini Gift Box

Gift box with assorted goose products

Goose foie gras terrine

Goose fat liver in terrine. 120€/kg. Packed in aluminium tray
€28.00 €21.00

Farm goose

Farm goose without head and paws

Fresh Goose Leg

19,90 euro /kg min. weight 500 gr

Red onions jam

Particular kind of jam prepared by using the tipical Tropea onions characterized by a red-purple colour.